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For those who are more technically inclined, here are some details about the system

This is non-profit service provided for free so naturally we tried to keep our costs down. In the meantime, it is a demonstration of what can be achieved with meagre means, provided there is devotion and smart utilisation of resources. For those who could be interested, we list the hardware components of the system and a brief description of the software



AMD Athlon based with Athlon XP2000+ processor, 1GB RAM, RAID controller with three 80GB IDE drives in a RAID 0 configuration, running IIS5. This machine also hosts the database server.



Firebird 1.0.2. Firebird is an open source version of Interbase. It is a great database, very fast and reliable and doesn't require any administration (ok, veeeery little administration). It has a very small footprint (around 8MB for a minimal installation) and it's not a memory hog.

Web application

ISAPI dll module. This is the fastest way to "program" for the web. We always strive for performance. We are using a proprietary search engine and all the documents reside in the database. This gives us, among other advantages, a "clean" design, good performance and much better recovery should the hardware fail.


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